How To Make Money With Opinion OutPost

Is Opinion OutPost a Profitable Way To Earn Money?

There are many ways to make money with a blog, and almost everyone who’s running a blog are doing something to make profits from it. But most people don’t make more than $50-$100 a month, and that’s not going to make you rich.

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What you have to do to make money with your blog is being determined, and have the patience it takes to hold on to your blog. It’s simply a matter of time and doing things the right way.

So what are the right things to do with Opinion OutPost?

First of all, you need to have a niche picked out for your blog. It’s not gonna make you any money writing about your everyday life, unless you
already are a really famous person. Read more about what to do before you start a blog here.

In the start up phase you also pick 1-5 keywords or key-phrases, which needs to be the cornerstone niche words of your blog. You simply build your blog around the thematic keywords. But be aware of not use your keyword to much. Learn more about SEO in this section.

When Your Blog Is Running – Opinion OutPost Reviews

You have done all the previous steps the right way, and now you have a blog up & running. It may even be so that you already are on the first page on Google at your specific keywords, but now comes the next question. How to make money with a blog?

It is a delicate question of course, of the simple reason that if you’re already getting traffic to your blog you should be able to profit from it. People who clearly are interested in the niche you write about, otherwise they shouldn’t have searched for that keyword on Google, and you have nothing to make money from them!

How To Make Money With Opinion OutPost

The simple way to make some money is simply applying to Google Adsense. Or another advertising network, in case you get rejected by Google, which is more common than you think. In that case Chitika is one way to go.

There are both good and bad things by putting PPC-ads(like Adsense or Chitika) on your blog. One thing is they are targeted to the context of the rest of the page, meaning they are targeted to be interesting for the reader. And you get paid only by your reader clicking the link, regardless if he then buy or leave that page. The bad thing is that you don’t get paid very much for every click. You won’t make enough money to quit your job, just by putting Adsense on your blog. Unless you have enormous traffic flooding in.

Other ways to profit With Opinion OutPost

Here’s the beauty, there are some other ways to go. And they are more profitable too. If you do it the right way which you already know, is the key to success. Instead of placing PPC ads all over your blog, you should consider joining an affiliate network. I suggest to start with Clickbank, the worlds largest and most known affiliate network. It’s free to join, and they cover a wide spectra of niches.

Choose one or two products in your niche, and put an ad on your blog and see if your visitors click through the link. You will only get paid when somebody’s buying the product you promote, though. That’s the big difference from Adsense, you’ll have to get your visitor to buy the product you promote. But the Real difference is the commission rate. One successful sale through an affiliate link will give you between 25%-75% of the products price, as opposed to the Adsense link giving you a few cents.

Review Products On Opinion OutPost

Another way to promote affiliate products is to review them. The product is in your niche, and your visitors should be intersted in a review of a popular product within that niche. This is a beauty, but to be realistic and honest you must buy the product yourself and actually try it out. Then you simply write a review on your own experiences.

Is Opinion OutPost a Scam?

When you buy these product as a test you should buy them in your own affiliate link. In that way, you save money buying from your own link! And here is a thing you never will hear from anyone in the affiliate business, because they live on people buying stuff. After you’ve tried a product and found it bad or at least not good enough, you request a refund. Now you end up using product within your niche, but only the products you think are helping you, and you get the money back for the product you don’t like.

By reviewing niche related product you’ll help your visitors on the way, having good and relevant content on your blog. And meanwhile you may make money with your blog using the affiliate links from your reviews!

Read more about affiliate marketing here.

These two ways are the simplest ways to make money with a blog, and you don’t even have to sell anything. I’ve done both ways, and think a solid combination between them is the way to go. Worth to mention is that you must consider the “less is more”-attiude, as nobody likes to visit a site covered in ads. The ads should be the spice on top of the content, so let the content be the backbone of your blog and you will be successful.